frissel's Journal

31 January
Hmm, what am i like, well I am a big nature lover. I love all season of nature. I love summer with the flowers blooming and seeing the fawns, and hearing the birds, the green of the grass and trees, the thunder of a good storm, jet skiing in the lake, feeling the cool water. In the fall, i love the colour of the leaves, the feel of the air cooling, the peacefulness of the season. The winter, I love the cold on my face, the snow storms that drop a foot of snow, hate the winter driving though. The spring brings the smell of spring rain, the annoucement of the canadian geese, the first sighting of the robin and the first daffodile. I love being the best aunt in the world. I'm small, tiny and plain with a big personality. I can be fancy, but i can be plain, my favorite is plain.

I also love animals, preferring them to people. I love to stop and watch the deer, moose, bear, blue herron. the attention of a cat when it decides you are allowed to pet it. I love the forgiveness of a dog. I feed the deer in the winter time and love to see the little ones grow, and the mothers with there little ones.

I work in construction in muskoka canada. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I do a hard job. The challenges of the work is rewarding to me.