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March 13th, 2013

(no subject) @ 08:26 am

What a situation we as a family are in. My father remarried 40 years ago to a woman that doesn't trust anyone. She raised us kids, not in a good way. Last summer she went into a long term nursing facility. She has her granddaughter as her POA. This granddaughter manipulated thousands of dollars out of my father for years.

My father followed his wife into the nursing home. He has dementia. To look at my dad you would not know that he is confused. He walks and talks like normal, but he is not normal. He has been fighting the problem and is not excepting that there is something wrong with him.

The nursing home decided to put him and his wife in the same room. Ok, i'm ok with that if you feel it is a good thing. well it is not a good thing. They finally decided that my stepmother need to be cared for. yep, for a couple of months they were allowing my father to help her. Now they are strongly telling my father that he is not allowed to help her.

Part of the problem is that they put her in the bathroom and don't come back for several minutes to help her. In the meantime she has called my dad and he has helped her off the toliet and into bed. that would take several minutes to do.

Yesterday there was a big meeting about my dad. Last week the director called me and told me that they are "seperating them and you people have to put your father on a transfer list" this conversation blew me away.

My brother and i showed up at the meeting. the director was there, with the nurse and Psw. the director started the meeting and told us that my father has made in appropriate sexual comments to a staff member. the nurse at that point said "what? I never heard anything about that?" the director then proceeded to tell us that he doesn't listen he does what he wants, he is hurting my stepmother. he is going into patients rooms and preaching, he is aggressive with the staff and on and on.

my brother told her to back up and lets deal with one issue at a time. the sexual comment was. "for your age you have a fine figure" then he followed the worker around all day. To which i said, why were we not informed of this when it happened not 2 weeks later in a meeting. The director was on the page that my dad had to be moved to another facility. the nurse then put her 2 cents in and said we are here to figure things out that are best for dad and stepmother. moving is a last resort.

after the meeting the director decided to bring dad in and tell him what we came up with. well, she was blunt, director and aggressive with dad. He flipped out, he yelled at my brother and i he yelled at everyone. I thought he might go over the edge.

I have had 24 hours to think about the meeting and things leading up to it. I realize that if the director is aggresive with me how is she with dad? They are not treating dad as dementia, yep they say he has it, but his treatment is not as such. The psw told us stuff that dad had said and us kids discussed it and realize that that is not dad, he would not say things like that.

dad was blamed for callling my stepmothers granddaughter and telling her bullshit. the granddaughter went to the head of the home and flipped on them. the staff member got disciplined. they say it was unjust. and dads fault.

i feel that dad is being mistreated. He is being blamed for things that he shouldn't be. he has a dieses and needs to be treated as such.

January 28th, 2013

(no subject) @ 07:07 pm

it was a good weekend in muskoka. the temperatures were great after the bitter cold snap we had. Everyone wanted to get outside and play.

on saturday we went tobogganing. the kids had a blast. then on Sunday we decided to go sledding. We have been working hard on a lot of the vintage sleds around here to get a sled for each kid. I never realized how many we actually had hanging around. There were 5 kids on Sunday and 4 adults.

We are very lucky to have property that has waterfront on one of the big lakes, but also a small lake. We heard there was a lot of ice so we went to the smaller lake and checked it. There was 4-6 inches on it. We got the kids and sleds and let them loose on the lake. They went around and around and around. they had so much fun just booting around the lake.

One of my dogs is part husky and lives to run. she loves being on the lake and running with the sleds. she ran and ran and ran. We have clocked her at 35 km/hr. she just loves that she can stretch out and go. she chased and chased and chased the kids.

It is times like this that you realize that we are so lucky. we have the property that the kids can learn to ride sleds, they get to swim, and toboggan and enjoy the simple things that we have. but you realize that this is not simple things for some. they don't have what we have to give the kids. It makes it worth while working our asses off to pay the extreme taxes so the kids can do these things. It doesn't matter how much money the rich cottager has, because they don't have what we have. It might be a struggle but the things we get to teach the kids is so worth it.

January 21st, 2013

(no subject) @ 07:35 am

brrrrrr, it is cold out.

Muskoka this winter is following so close to last year. No snow and no ice. which means no work. the economy is bad and people are struggling still.

when the cottagers watch their money, we struggle here. our taxes are high, the food is high and our gas is high.

we are just finishing up a dock job that we did with no ice. it was hard, but if you fell in it wasn't deep. It is difficult walking on wet timbers, and trying to balance on stone.

we need ice for our next job. the reason for this is because we have to raise the building. with raising the building we have to put jacks on the stone in the crib. if the stone is not froze together and we take the timbers for the cribs out the stone will shift and the building will fall. it is essential that we have ice and the cribs are frozen together.

is is so much easier to work on as well. to work on the cribs you cut the ice beside the crib about 4-6 inches wide. you can stand on the ice to work. you can slide new timbers on the ice and lift them. try standing on a wet timber in a crib and lift another timber out of the water and put it on the crib. you are balancing and reaching out to lift. very difficult.

we got snow on the weekend, hopefulling enough to open the snowmobile trails. we need this added income. when cottagers come and sled and are happy they do more on the cottage. if the weather is nice, cottagers spend more money.

funny how our income work on the weather and happiness.

December 16th, 2012

(no subject) @ 03:11 pm

I really don't like to get into controversial subjects. I try to stay away from "my opinions" but I have to comment on this.

there were 20 children shot to death in a school. Now all i'm hearing is about "gun control", and "guns don't kill people, people kill people" yes this is right on both counts.

I think we need to take a look at things all around. we need to take a look at our kids and how they are raised.

we have video games like crazy. most kids have a Ps3, and or x-box. what are the most popular games, shooting games. When our kids play these games do we teach them that this is just a game, that you can't do that in real? I know there are age restrictions, but who follows that? and like I said, do we teach our kids about them?

It is christmas time. how many kids are so excited about WHAT they are getting? do we teach them about giving? I feel strongly on this and every year we made a treck to the dollar store with the nieces and nephews so they could buy for there parents, grandparents, teachers etc. I had a blast doing this and I feel it taught them something.

how many parents work? both usually do work to survive these days. are the parents able to keep track of them and their friends? do they really know what their kids are doing when they are working? when they come home from work they are tired and usually working after hours too. are we really listening and teaching the kids, or just letting them do their own things.

what about the family computer. do we know what they are doing on the computer? are we watching facebook? do we know their friends they are talking to?

do we admit if our kids are into drugs? do we know if they are? do we know what drugs are being done? do we know the signs of drugs? I bet so many don't. how many parents know nothing about drugs because they will "freak", instead of trying to be involved and informed.

do we know if they are being bullied? do we know if they are bulling. The kids around my place knew that the word "stupid, dummy, shut up" was worse then swearing. do we know our kids anymore?

How many times had we heard, "that person is crazy"? did you do anything about it? what do you do when there are signs of a crazy person? who do you report it to? do people get involve or "mind their own business"?

as adults we are here to protect and teach our children, but how can we when we are so busy trying to provide. our world has become so fast that there is no sit down and relax time. how many sit down and eat dinner together?

our mental health people, do they really help? I know someone who went and seen them and they really didn't get to the bottom of things, they listened to that person and believed them. they never talked to anyone in the family to get another angle of things. is that person better? nope they are teetering on the edge, waiting to fall.

what happened to compassion, sympathy, caring, helping, knowing your neighbours, watching your neighbours kids, believing when someone tells you your kid did something. and LISTENING

should there be better gun control, hell yes, but there is so much more as well. we need to look at all angles, not just center on one thing.

December 4th, 2012

(no subject) @ 07:27 pm

my head is swimming again. I have to much time in the winter. so the plans are, fix the basement. yep, it is time to get that mass mess cleaned up. i can not find a tool, or anything. the kid is gone so now the bedroom comes out, the extra wall out and I get my basement back. the plan is to make me a workshop. the husband has the big shop so now it is my space. kevin has all the mechanic tools in the shop and i have the gardening in one bay of the dry shed, now the basement and woodworking/projects.

my plan is to rip out a wall and make the basement wide open. I have the furnace to deal with and the laundry/freezers in a corner. not a big deal. in the winter we come in the basement because of all the winter clothes and boots, not a big deal. this is one project i'm excited about. i can finally get organized. all the screws, nail, nuts and bolts. my little pieces of wood, my painting supply's all organized. all the tools hanging or a spot on shelves. organized. and i'm going to hurt people if they don't put things back right.

one thing i love to do is re-finish old furniture. I have a door that is partially done and i have an old cedar huge cupboard to do. right now i have no room, can't walk because of the garbage. on the floors. i'm anxious to get going but i said not till after christmas. don't tell anyone but i have been puttering down there and getting things in sections for right now. a bomb went off. lol

the next project when the basement is done and the furniture on its way is to start next years christmas float. I did a float this year. my one brother and family helped me put it together and the other brother let me use his float and truck to pull it. well the float won 1st prize. I keep telling everyone that if i can do all that and win, with their help just think of what we can do.

the idea is doing a winter fairyland garden theme next year. I have ideas of fairy's skating and maybe winter dragons, butterflys flying and twinkling trees with faces. all is animated, i hope. all is going to be carved out of styrofoam and wire soldering for flowers and butterfly's. yep i need room to work and organized.

I'm to busy in the summer to do anything, even clean the house, so winter is the projects. going to be busy, just how i like it.

November 13th, 2012

(no subject) @ 06:35 pm

My beautiful little boy storm has been limping on the back leg. I'm nervous when I see him limping. the front, yep understandable, the back new fear. I tried to medicate and keep him calm and no exercise, but it didn't go away. Now i'm nervous.

I took storm to the vet on friday. yep, I hate vets. It was a new vet, which i'm not sure on. she was good, maybe a little to over stressing and explaining things. she has learned to listen, which she did, but i'm not sure. so she manipulated his leg and felt and said, " I am a 100 % sure that storm has ripped his ligament in his knee and needs to see a orthepedic surgeon" yep, surgery. she then explains what happens, what will happen and oh the cost of said surgery. I told her to make the appointment, for a consult.

I spent the whole weekend, every available minute researching. I researched the surgeon the surgery and alternatives.
the surgery is invasive were they cut the bone reposition the knee and plate and screw it. yep, another surgery. I had told the vet, I swore I would not put him through another invasive surgery like that again. All I can think of is the pain he went through. and he is arthritic after all that.

with the research I came across an alternative. It deals with braces and down time. well, I thought about it. He is going to be down for 8 weeks anyways, so why not try the braces. it is worth the shot. I also found out that he needs inflammation to heal the damage. It is the body's way of repairing things.

so I found a lady that makes braces without ex-rays and no cast. they are a softer brace. they also do both knees so he doesn't blow the other knee out while healing. We went today for measurements and go next week for fitting. I have to drive 2 hours but it is better then the surgery. I feel strongly about this.

In my research I found out that 90 % of the surgerys are not needed and they don't work. I have no way of believing a vet without seeing something with my own eyes. ex-rays don't show ligaments, mri's are not solid either. so here we go. trial. If it doesn't work we can still have the surgery, but again, i don't think I can do that to him, I really don't

October 28th, 2012

(no subject) @ 09:38 am

who would ever expect the mega storm to hit muskoka? I'm already trying to track it and have things going through my head about the clients. which clients have trees that might be effected, which ones are not closed and have furniture out, which ones might get damage from flooding and how am i going to get out to the island?

I met with a client yesterday. I had picked up this client a couple of months ago. my job was just gardening, but it has changed. this client seems to like my work but because i'm a small girl he thinks i need a man to help me. lol guess he doesn't know me. I took my husband with me because i knew how he felt. well, we have the job of caretaking on the island. yaaaaaa

this client use to deal with big companies to maintain their place. now they are starting to realize how that works for them. how much money it costs. lol when you have a big company you have to abide by labour laws. which means you have to make up lost money on labour. so you start to charge for things like travel and fuel and handleing fees.

I explained to the client that I don't handle any bills from contractors, electricians or plumbers, if i do i have to put a percentage on top of the bill. when you handle these bills you are responsible to make sure they get payed, i don't want that.

one of the complaints was "you get a good person, they grow, hire people then you lose the personal touch" yep that does happen. I've seen buisness's get big to fast and then they go down. one said business was doing awesome with barging, then they decided to get into landscaping, building, caretaking and alarms, yep that was the down fall. they were doing amazing with that small thing they had, but they thought they could be better then us that do speciality things. what they didn't understand is that they were stepping on toes, which then those toes they stepped on stopped using them, now they are just about folded, barely hanging on.

another thing that happens up here is you got city people coming and opening up a business. they are going to make millions. yep, they have not got a clue how muskoka work. they soak the client, they figure the clients have bags of money (which they do) but don't realize they have bags for a reason.

I opened my business in a recession. It has not been easy, but i'm still here. I'm not making millions or even thousand. I have a little business and i'm proud of what i have and the direction it is going. I worry about getting to big and not giving that personal touch. I have a plan and the plan is to make a living, to have a solid business. I don't advertise at all. I'm not in the phone book at all. I work on word of mouth and it is working. I have great clients because of it. my idea is a client is not going to recommend me to someone that is an idiot, only good people. and it works.

my business plan is to have 2 crews only and I will be out with the crews. I need to be touching basis with the clients on a regular basis. I just want to plug along and listen to what the clients wants and needs are. I just want to make a living, not a million

October 18th, 2012

(no subject) @ 04:07 pm

well burn out turned into bad lung infection. I've hardly been mobile all week. Just doing the things that has to be done. I'm up all night coughing and not sleeping. I went to the doctor on monday and they put me on 3 puffers and anti-biotics, with a very high cost. My back hurts like it has never hurt before.

It is hard for me to be sick. not wanting to do anything but so use to going till late at night. i hate laying around. I've been trying to go outside to get fresh air and do a little of the yard work. never lasting for long.

the weather has been horrible as well. I think mother nature saved up all the rain for now. it is hard working in the pouring rain. My helper from the summer is coming next week. she has reading week so I should be able to get a lot done with her.

the brilliant colour of the leaves have gone to a yellow and brown, marking fall for sure. I love walking through the fallen leaves and enjoying the fresh smell of the air.

time to get ready for halloween and get the boat out of the water and put in storage. all this happens on the weekend. I sure hope i'm up to it.

October 5th, 2012

(no subject) @ 09:00 am

i'm suffering from burn out, so I have decided to take today off. I work tomorrow, then have sunday and monday off. I guess that is what you call a long weekend. lol

the colors are amazing in Muskoka this week. the reds are so red and the oranges are brilliant. I am surprised at the colours with the lack of rain this summer.

Thanksgiving weekend and they decided to tear up the pavement in Port Carling. It takes about 1/2 hour to go from one end to the other. the machines are working and the workers are every where. getting ready to pave. but did they really have to do this before one of the busiest weekends.

time to shut down the cottage. time to say good bye to the summer and get ready for the winter that is fast approaching.

Port Carling is going to have it's first Santa Claus parade this year. the buzz is getting bigger. Yes we are going to put a float in the parade. how can you not. I love christmas and making kids smile. I wish I had more time to design and think of things but I'm really busy so we are going to use something I have then expand on it. Here comes the grinch stole christmas. whoville is made but we have to decorate the houses and add to it. my head is swimming with ideas and things to do. I wonder if i'm going to make it through this.

A night time parade, means loads of lights, lights everywhere. need sparkle and glitter. need whimsical and off the wall. yep this is going to be fun.

September 23rd, 2012

(no subject) @ 08:38 am

I've been asking questions around lately. Talking to cottagers, and everyone thinks that muskoka workers are in good shape. that got me curious so I've been asking.  I know that we seem to get enough work to keep us going by week.  We have a few jobs that are painting outside and it has been raining a lot lately so it is hard to get that job done.

Well, Muskoka is not good. In fact it is poor, very poor. There are builders that have had no work this summer. You would think with the beautiful weather that the pocket book would open up, but it did not. I know if we use to have a rainy spring we would pray for good weather. it seemed people spent money when it was sunny.

talking to the lumber yards and the rental places they all said that the work is not there. many have laid of staff because it has been very slow.

I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a service that they still pay for. I know some of my hours have been cut back and so have the flower supplys.  I'm getting work slowly. I have a couple of clients that are selling their cottages so there are the little jobs that need to be done.

I wonder how the winter is going to be. we have very little work for the winter. It is scary right now. I'm concerned. wondering how we are going to survive. I might have to go and serve coffee for the winter.

I heard that we are going to get an old fashion winter. right now i don't think the weather men know how to predict the weather.

we need the canadian dollar to drop. I know it is terrible to say but when the dollar is low the money flows in muskoka.